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Silicone Kitchen Brush




  • Made of FDA silicone with a steel core inside and BPA free – there is nothing to break sothe bristle head can’t fall off. Stiffness for the handle is provided by a rod moulded inside the handle.
  • ONE piece of silicone design – NO crevices where oil or egg white or barbecue sauce or whatever can seep in & be trapped to breed germs. Makes it VERY easy to clean.
  • It has 4 rows of 13 bristles each for a total of 52 bristles. So, it will soak up & hold a lot more of whatever you’re brushing or basting onto your food.
  • Heat-resistant and easy on non-stick pans – you can do whatever you want, secure that it won’t hurt the pan, no matter what you do. Can withstand minus 40 ° c to 230 ° c high temperature.
  • Non-staining and won’t pick up food particles (unlike some wooden utensils)

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(Length x Width): 20.6 ×3.5 cm


Sky blue, pink, red, orange, green




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